• $50 MILLION

    Co-Counsel to large Plaintiff firm on acetabulum hip product defect case for local Pennsylvania litigant (litigation which resulted in settlements exceeding $50,000,000)

  • $2 MILLION

    $2,000,000 settlement for plaintiff who suffered amputation injury which occurred at a construction site

  • $1.6 MILLION

    $1,600,000 settlement for family of decedent in wrongful death case related to failure to treat infection

  • $875K

    $875,000 settlement for plaintiff in medical negligence case as a result of plaintiff having allergic reaction to medicine administered while in care of hospital after hospital was made aware of allergy

  • $700K

    $700,000 jury verdict for plaintiff related to failure to appropriately treat and care for elderly patient, resulting in need for emergency surgery endured by the plaintiff

  • $675K

    $675,000 settlement for plaintiff injured in drunk driving automobile accident on Liberty Bridge

  • $410K

    $410,000 settlement after first day of trial on a medical malpractice case with failure to appropriately treat a pressure ulcer

  • $365K

    $365,000 settlement for a motor vehicle accident plaintiff requiring cervical fusion surgery with disputed liability

  • $350K

    $350,000 jury verdict on a breach of contract case

  • $325K

    $325,000 settlement occurring the morning of jury selection on a failure to correctly perform gastric procedure

  • $315K

    $315,000 settlement for plaintiffs injured in motor vehicle accident

  • $300K

    $300,000 settlement for plaintiff who suffered damages as a result of improper adhesive usage in cosmetic surgery