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According to the National Safety Council, accidental and unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death among people under 44 years of age; car accidents are the leading cause of accidental death among younger people, while slip and fall injuries are among the leading causes of death among older Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in four older people suffers a fall each year, with one in five of these falls resulting in serious injuries. Both car accidents and falls are highly preventable. Falls can be prevented when property owners take steps to repair known hazards and to address possible trip, slip, and fall hazards. Stores, for example, have a responsibility to clean damp floors and to ensure that rugs and other surfaces are even and don’t pose a trip hazard. Car accidents are also highly preventable. Most crashes can be prevented when drivers look up from their cell phones, pay attention to the road, and stop speeding.

If you or someone you love was hurt in a personal injury lawyer Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you and your family may be facing unique challenges. You may be struggling to make ends meet if you have had to miss time from work due to an injury, and you may be facing bills from the hospital. You may also have questions about your rights when it comes to making an insurance claim. Scanlon & Wojton, LLC: Attorneys at Law is an accident law firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that may be able to assist you with your claim. Put our compassionate and caring injury lawyers to work for you today.

Why Hire an Injury Law Firm?

If you’ve been in a serious car accident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you may need an attorney to help you with your claim. Serious injury claims can involve insurance claims, and it can be helpful to have an accurate estimate of the value of your damages when negotiating with insurance adjusters. Why hire an injury law firm?

If you were only in a minor accident and are content with the settlement you’ve reached with your auto insurance, you may not need an injury law firm to handle your case. But, if you were seriously injured in a car accident, don’t know what your claim might be worth, and if you have questions about your rights and your settlement, you may want to speak to an injury law firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania like Scanlon & Wojton, LLC: Attorneys at Law. Our attorneys can help you with various aspects of the injury claim process. We can look at your medical costs, lost wages, rehabilitation expenses, and other losses to find an accurate estimate for your recovery. We can then pursue negligent parties or insurance companies for the settlement you may be entitled to receive under the law. If you were seriously injured, your settlement amount can potentially be substantial. Sometimes insurance companies might offer victims and their families what looks like a substantial settlement, but the settlement may not always reflect their actual losses. Insurance companies might sometimes use estimates and formulas to arrive at a settlement amount, and this may or may not always accurately reflect a victim’s actual losses. Have questions about you rights and what you might be entitled to receive after an accident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Reach out to the accident lawyers at Scanlon & Wojton, LLC: Attorneys at Law today.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Claim and What Is My Claim Worth?

One of the two top questions victims might have after suffering a personal injury in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is: do I have a case, and what is my claim worth? Scanlon & Wojton, LLC: Attorneys at Law are accident lawyers who can review the circumstances of your accident to determine whether you have a personal injury claim. Whether you have a claim will depend on whether the other party was negligent in your accident. Under Pennsylvania law, the amount you will be able to recover following an accident will be proportional to the fault the other party holds in your accident. So, if you were seriously injured, and sustained injuries valued at $100,000, but the other driver in the accident was found to be 80% at fault, you’ll only be able to recover $80,000 in damages. Building a strong case when it comes to establishing negligence is important, because it can also impact the value of your personal injury claim. However, the value of your claim will also depend on other factors, like the cost of medical care, lost wages you’ve suffered due to permanent or temporary disability, and pain and suffering losses. An injury lawyer like Scanlon & Wojton, LLC: Attorneys at Law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can take a range of factors into account when estimating the value of your case and when determining the next steps. Have questions? Seek the assistance of Scanlon & Wojton, LLC: Attorneys at Law today.

Our Accident Law Firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Scanlon & Wojton, LLC has over 45 years of combined experience successfully representing injured victims and their loved ones. Our firm is driven by the desire to help victims of accidents gain peace of mind during this difficult time following such a tragedy. Scanlon & Wojton, LLC is committed to giving every client who walks through the door the same personal attention and care no matter the circumstances. At Scanlon & Wojton, LLC you can take great comfort in knowing that passionate, genuine and highly accomplished attorneys and staff will work tirelessly to achieve the best results the law will permit. It is with great attention and care that Scanlon & Wojton, LLC analyzes every detail of every case, including completing the most thorough of investigations, securing relevant evidence and attaining a clear vision of your goals and direction for YOUR case, as evident in our numerous successful settlements and jury awards.

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At Scanlon & Wojton, LLC, we believe that the attorney-client relationship is one of the most personal and important relationships in a lifetime. This theory, which also distinguishes us from most other law firms, helps us best understand where our clients are coming from in their experience. We believe it is every clients’ right to have unparalleled access to his or her attorney when it is their life, livelihood and future being held in our hands. Needless to say, this is not something we take lightly. We believe it is the clients’ right to have exceptional personal service and exceptional legal representation at the same time without having to join the assembly line of the big legal factories.

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