About Us

Scanlon & Wojton is a full-service trial law firm. Our lawyers have over 35 years of combined legal experience and take great pride in their work ethic, commitment and litigation skill.

Our History

We do not believe in easy-way-outs or shortcuts to justice. We at Scanlon & Wojton wage war because, most often, war is necessary for a full realization of the compensation and recovery you deserve.

Don’t trust other law firms or lawyers who only look to settle a claim pre-suit and tell you that it’s in your best interest. They are likely to undercut the value of your case in order to avoid going to court because they are intimidated or afraid. At Scanlon & Wojton, our lawyers believe in getting you the settlement or award to the highest extent possible.

Why Clients Choose Us

A Leading Law Firm in Pittsburgh, PA


Big corporations, insurance companies and manufacturers have deep pockets and a virtual army of lawyers, adjusters, so-called “independent” medical experts, actuaries and other support staff devoted to one single objective: defeating your claim. Our primary goal at Scanlon & Wojton is not only to give you a voice, but also to level the playing field and bring corporate bullies to justice. We do not believe in settling for less than what you deserve, and we are ready, willing and able to fight to the end in order to assure you are fully compensated for your loss.


You are not another number or case file to us. You are Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters. We do not believe in quickly churning through high volumes of claims for the sake of a quicker profit. Our lawyers believe in maximizing the value of your case through building intimate attorney-client relationships, laser-like focus, trust, and open and reliable communication.


Our lawyers are available day or night to speak with you or your loved ones and are ready to take swift, decisive action at a moment’s notice to protect your rights. This is not a baseless claim. Our lawyers routinely provide their clients with personal cell or email contact information because, simply put, justice does not adhere to a 9-5 schedule. Nor do we.

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