The True Cost of a Car Accident

Do you know the costs you could be facing if you’re in a car accident? The costs for even minor accidents can clean out savings accounts. And accidents that lead to serious injuries can be astronomically expensive.

But there might be a way out! Do you know your legal rights if you’re injured in a car accident? If you were injured because of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to a personal injury claim for compensation. Keep reading to understand how much the average accident costs and how to get the compensation you’re owed.

What Affects the Cost of a Car Accident?
According to SuperMoney, many factors will determine the cost of a car accident:

● The severity of the crash
● The damages sustained to the vehicle
● The physical injuries suffered by passengers and others
● The number of passengers injured
● The value of the vehicle
● The value of any other property affected by the crash
● Where the accident took place
● Other variable factors

What Are the Average Costs of Car Accidents?
Car accidents are the leading cause of personal injury cases in the United States, according to AllLaw. 6 million car accidents happen every year in the United States. 3 million people are injured every year in car accidents, 2 million people sustain permanent injuries every year because of car accidents, and 90 people die every day from car accidents, according to Driver Knowledge. What if it happens to you?

Even minor injuries can lead to expensive therapies and recovery processes. But what’s important to remember is that even if there are no injuries – accident victims could still be facing the cost of expensive consultations, check-ups, and second opinions just to confirm that they aren’t injured, as the numbers below show. Even when no injuries are apparent, these visits to medical professionals are essential – as many serious injuries do not manifest immediately. And let’s not forget the cost for PTSD therapy for victims who were in traumatic accidents.

The National Safety Council notes that the calculable costs of motor-vehicle crashes are wage and productivity losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses, vehicle damage, and employers’ uninsured costs. According to the National Safety Council, the average economic costs for car accidents per person are as follows:

● Car accidents resulting in death: $1,615,000
● Car accidents resulting in physical disabilities: $93,800
● Car accidents resulting in evident injuries: $27,100
● Car accidents resulting in possible injuries: $22,300
● Car accidents resulting in no injuries: $11,900
● Car accidents resulting in property damage only: $4,400 (per vehicle)

These are average costs. Remember that your car accident could be much more expensive depending on the circumstances.

The costs of car accidents go beyond just economic expenses. There are comprehensive expenses related to the value of lost quality of life as a result of the accident. When you or a loved one is disabled or traumatized because of an accident – you sacrifice far more than the costs of medical bills. If you lose a loved one in a fatal accident, the sacrifice is even higher. Attorneys can argue these “pain and suffering” costs as part of your claim. According to the National Safety Council, the average comprehensive costs per person involved in the car accident are as follows:

● Car accidents resulting in death: $10,562,000
● Car accidents resulting in physical disabilities: $1,155,000
● Car accidents resulting in evident injuries: $318,000
● Car accidents resulting in possible injuries: $147,000
● Car accidents resulting in no injuries: $48,700

Beyond Medical Bills: Other Costs to Consider
In the aftermath of car accident injuries, many people only consider medical bills. But while medical expenses can be a big part of car accident costs, you also need to consider wages lost due to missing work because of your injury – and more!

Did Someone Else Cause Your Injury?
Insurance agencies will try to get you to settle for a claim far below what you’re entitled to. Don’t settle before talking to a qualified personal injury attorney. And don’t underestimate the comprehensive expenses you can rightfully be compensated for.

Where’s the Justice?
If you’re the victim of a car accident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it’s time to act. A personal injury attorney can help you understand what your injuries and damages are worth, and how to navigate the sometimes confusing and overwhelming process of claiming compensation from both insurance companies and the negligent party. Get started today! See what your claim is worth and get legal assistance in your fight for justice!

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