Medical Malpractice

According to a study from John Hopkins Medicine released in 2016, medical error accounts for at least 250,000 unnecessary deaths every single year.  Dr. Martin Makary of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine defines “death due to medical error” as:


as one that is caused by inadequately skilled staff, error in judgment or care, a system defect or a preventable adverse effect. This includes computer breakdowns, mix-ups with the doses or types of medications administered to patients and surgical complications that go undiagnosed.

Dr. Martin Makary

Other studies, including one from the Journal of Patient Safety published in 2013, put the number at more like 400,000 per year. 

The prescription and management of medication also accounts for great numbers of medical injury.  The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that 106,000 patients die each year because of the negative effects of their medication.  The Institute of Medicine estimates that medication errors are the most common of medical errors, with 1.5 million people suffering injury from these mistakes each year.

We all know that the majority of medical care providers are incredibly talented and skilled individuals who do everything they can to diagnose and treat their patients’ various medical conditions.  For this, we owe them our thanks and gratitude. 

Yet, as the statistics above make clear, there are still too many instances where medical care providers simply drop the ball.  Many medical errors are entirely preventable and result from reckless decisions or gross neglect.  When that happens, why should the injured patient – or the patient’s family – be the sole party to suffer the consequences?  Shouldn’t the party that caused the injury be held to account?  Shouldn’t the party who inflicted so much pain and suffering on you or your family have to answer for it? 

If you or a loved one have been impacted by medical negligence, you do not need to just sit back and “take it.”  These health care networks are big and powerful, but we relish the fight.  Let us be the David in your fight against Goliath.  Let us be your voice.

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