Truck Accident in Pittsburgh? Your Next Steps Explained

Were you injured in a truck accident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Weighing in at up to 40 tons, semi-trucks can create considerable damage. Sometimes truck accidents are caused by driver negligence, other times it’s the fault of the trucking company for violating laws or regulations.

Either way, it’s your legal right to claim compensation for your damages. However, a personal injury claim involving a commercial truck is different than a claim against another private driver. As a law firm that specializes in truck accidents, we’re here to competently guide you to the compensation you’re entitled to.

Being involved in a serious accident is overwhelming, but here are some important tips to help you focus:

  1. Don’t discount the possibility of certain injuries just because you don’t notice the symptoms. Many serious injuries such as internal bleeding, head trauma, spinal damage and more are not always apparent right away. Always get thorough medical examinations and let your doctor know immediately about any pain.
  2. Contact a personal injury attorney. Navigating truck accident law is confusing without experienced legal assistance. To matters more complex, the at-fault party will often try to get you to accept less compensation than you deserve. Without an attorney’s advice, it can be difficult to even know what your claim is worth. In a personal injury claim, you often have the option to collect both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are relatively straightforward – they include the money for medical expenses and property damage. But non-economic damages – such as emotional trauma and “pain and suffering” are significantly harder to calculate. A personal injury attorney can make sure you aren’t negatively impacted by this nuanced and highly subjected area of the law.
  3. Don’t accept insurance settlements until talking to a personal injury attorney. If you’re injured by a commercial truck, the truck company will often try to get out of paying your full damages by offering you a quick and “convenient” settlement. But patience is key because these first settlement offers are often far lower than what the law entitles you to.
  4. Talk to your attorney about waiting until Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) to make a claim. MMI refers to the point in your recovery when doctors know what your medical future will look like and what costs will be associated with your future medical care as a result of the accident. If possible, waiting until you reach MMI can present a much clearer picture of the medical compensation you can claim.

If you’re been injured in a truck accident, you might feel lucky to be alive. But getting a second chance at life doesn’t mean you should be stuck with overwhelming medical bills and other costs. Getting justice starts with holding the at-fault party accountable for their negligence. But don’t fight alone! Scanlon & Wajton are here to put their 45 years of combined legal experience to work for you. Contact our Pittsburgh office at (412) 918-1241 or online.

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