Pittsburgh, PA: How Truck Companies Cause Accidents By Breaking the Law

If you were injured in a car accident that involved a large truck, you are likely suffering overwhelming damages. To make matters worse, trucks are often owned or managed by large companies that have powerful legal resources in place to prevent them from being held responsible for an accident.

But if you were injured by a truck, you don’t need to be intimidated out of seeking justice. Truck companies often cause accidents because of illegal, negligent practices. Scanlon & Wojton, LLC are attorneys at law who have extensive experience in personal injury cases involving trucks. We can analyze your case, discover ways that the other party was at fault, and help you successfully claim the compensation you deserve.

In a personal injury case, whichever party was proved negligent will be held at fault. Sometimes fault is shared, and if the person filing a lawsuit is partially at fault, their compensation will be reduced by the percentage of their fault. However, sometimes the innocent party is unfairly accused of fault. If you were injured because of the negligence of a truck company or truck driver in Pittsburgh, we’re here to make sure you don’t get wrongly blamed or cheated out of compensation.

When you work with a personal injury attorney on your case, you’ll have the benefit of a legal professional digging into the details of your case to find evidence in your favor. The attorneys at Scanlon & Wojton have access to information from truck companies that could work in your favor. If you’re accused of fault, you can work with an attorney to present the other party’s negligence as a defense.

Possible Ways to Prove a Truck Company’s Negligence

  • If the truck company violated “hours of service” laws. For the very purpose of preventing accidents, federal laws prohibit truck drivers from working beyond a certain number of hours each day. This is common sense. If you drive too much without sleep or rest, you will drive unsafely. Drowsy driving is a contributing factor in many accidents. Unfortunately, truck drivers do often drive more than federal law permits within a period of time. They might do this to make up for lost time if they are behind schedule. They might be pressured by the truck company to fill a certain quota or meet certain requirements that violate safety procedures. A personal injury attorney can review the truck driver’s time logs to see if you were injured because of drowsy driving. 
  • If the truck company violated driver health requirements. Again, as common sense would suggest, federal laws require truck drivers to meet certain health requirements. Certain health conditions might cause unsafe driving or require drivers to take medication that interferes with driving abilities. Truck companies are required to make sure their drivers are healthy enough to drive safely. Unfortunately, these health tests are not always administered frequently enough. And sometimes, companies might negligently overlook a driver’s dangerous health condition. An attorney can look into the truck company’s standards and methods for monitoring the health of their drivers. 
  • If the truck company failed to prevent drivers from driving while intoxicated. Truck companies have a responsibility to ensure that their drivers aren’t driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or even prescription medication that could prevent safe driving. If a truck company fails to test their drivers frequently or fails to promote a responsible company culture, they could be at fault for your injuries! 
  • If the truck company violated maintenance laws. Commercial trucks are required to meet certain federal maintenance standards to ensure that they’re not a hazard on the road. However, sometimes truck companies are negligent in holding their vehicles to these standards. Trucking companies often care more about their bottom line than the safety of other people on the road. An attorney can discover if proper maintenance procedures were done. 
  • If the truck company violated weight limits. Just like the federal maintenance laws, commercial trucks cannot legally operate if they exceed federal weight limits. A truck that exceeds safe weight limits can become harder to control and more prone to accidents. However, many trucking companies will try to get around the law in order to transfer more goods at once and save money. An attorney can confirm if the truck that injured you exceeded the federal weight limit. 

Were You the Victim of Negligence?

Were you injured because of a negligent truck company or truck driver? You deserve to hold the at-fault party responsible for what they’ve done. The attorneys at Scanlon & Wojton are here to make that justice accessible! We promise dedication to every aspect of your case. Let’s discover what your case is worth and how to move forward. Our Pittsburgh office can be reached at (412) 918-1241 or online

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