Pittsburgh, PA – Car Accident with Injuries on W Warrington Ave & Boggs Ave

Pittsburgh, PA (April 13, 2022) – At least one person suffered injuries in a car crash reported in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, April 13. At approximately 6:06 p.m., responders were sent to assist at the crash scene on West Warrington Avenue. 

Reports indicate that the accident took place on West Warrington Avenue near Boggs Avenue for reason still being investigated by police. An unspecified number of vehicles collided at the intersection, resulting in injuries for the involved parties. 

Paramedics evaluated injured victims at the scene before transporting those with extensive injuries to local hospitals for treatment. The roadway was blocked for over an hour while emergency crews worked at the scene. 

Traffic was delayed in the area and local drivers were asked to find different routes of travel for the time being. Police in Pittsburgh continue to investigate the details of the incident. 

We hope for the full recovery of the injured victims. 

Pennsylvania Auto Accidents

Pittsburgh, PA - Car Accident with Injuries on W Warrington Ave & Boggs AveHundreds of thousands of car accidents happen in Pennsylvania each year. On average, the state sees more than 100,000 vehicle collisions annually. Nationally, approximately 90% of all auto accidents involve some type of driver error/negligence as a contributing factor. Driver error may include driver inexperience, distraction, fatigue, or intoxication. More than 30% of fatal auto accidents in Pennsylvania happen due to driver intoxication. Distracted driving causes almost 1 million car accidents per year in the United States, while drowsy driving accounts for about 100,000 wrecks per year.  

Negligence or fault issues can be complicated, and a skilled Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer will utilize a number of sources to assist you in determining who caused your crash. These sources include referencing state traffic laws, witnesses, and police reports to help you figure out what led to your accident. A person who acts negligently while driving may be held accountable for the cost of damages, either to a property or a person, caused by his/her negligence. 

Car Accident Lawyers in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh car accident attorneys at Scanlon & Wojton Attorneys at Law will work alongside you throughout your injury claim. We will promptly return your calls and keep you informed concerning the status of your case. We will actively seek full compensation for your damages, including pain and suffering, medical care, lost wages, etc. 

Scanlon & Wojton Attorneys at Law have extensive experience going to trial and fighting for the rights of our injured and bereaved clients. We will utilize big-company resources to help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries. We are always prepared to litigate, if necessary, to fully protect your rights and best interests. 

Contact our Pittsburgh car accident lawyers at Scanlon & Wojton Attorneys at Law as soon as you can at (412) 918-1241 to get started on your path to recovery. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if we can award you total and fair compensation for your injuries and losses, so you have nothing to lose. 

Note: We utilize outside sources when creating this post. We have not independently verified all of the facts surrounding this incident. If you locate any information that is not correct, please contact our firm so that we can update the post with the most accurate information available. 

Disclaimer: This blog is not a solicitation for business. None of the information in this post is intended to be medical advice. If you are injured in an accident, seek medical attention immediately. The information in this post is not legal advice. The photo used in this post is not from the accident scene described in this blog post. 

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