Bellevue, PA – Injury Accident on Lincoln Ave near Thai Tamarind

Bellevue, PA (May 3, 2022) – A car accident resulted in injuries in Bellevue on May 3. At around 6:43 p.m., responders were dispatched to the collision site to help injured parties. 

According to local reports, one or more victims suffered injuries in the wreck. It happened in the 100 block of Lincoln Avenue near Thai Tamarind. 

Paramedics helped those with injuries at the crash scene. Drivers traveling in the area were asked to take different routes while the crash site was still active. 

Traffic was backed up near the scene for approximately an hour on May 3. Police are investigating the contributing factors of the accident. 

We hope for the complete recovery of the injured victims. 

Pennsylvania Car Crashes

Bellevue, PA - Injury Accident on Lincoln Ave near Thai TamarindSustaining serious injuries in a car accident can be painful and challenging. Crash victims suffer in numerous ways after they sustain injuries. Depending on the severity of the injuries, an accident victim could spend days or weeks recovering in the hospital. While they are unable to work and live their life how they are used to, crash victims often suffer from emotional distress. Anxiety, depression, and even PTSD are common among those victimized in car wrecks.

With all of the problems that accident victims face, they deserve to be able to recover and move on with their lives as quickly and easily as possible. It is essential to figure out what caused your crash, and whether or not it was caused by driver negligence.

Driver negligence contributes to 9 out of 10 car accidents per year in the United States. A car crash attorney in Pennsylvania will know how to help you if you have recently sustained a car wreck injury caused by negligence. 

When a crash happens due to driver negligence, the responsible party’s insurance company will usually cover damages suffered by the injured parties depending on the extent of their injuries. Allow a lawyer to deal with the insurance companies so you don’t have to. 

The car crash lawyers in Bellevue at Scanlon & Wojton Attorneys at Law have more than three decades of experience in helping those hurt in traffic accidents recover compensation. Victims can use compensation to pay for medical costs, vehicle repairs/replacement, and more. A lawyer will help you figure out the cost of your damages. 

If you or a loved one in your family has been injured in a car crash in Bellevue, it is vital to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Sustaining injuries because of another person’s negligence should not cost money, so we are here to fight for your right to compensation. 

Call the law office of Scanlon & Wojton Attorneys at Law at 412-918-1241 to be connected with a skilled lawyer who can help you recover compensation for your injuries. Our law firm does not charge any upfront or out-of-pocket costs. We have made it our professional mission to help injured crash victims get their justice. Contact our eastern Pennsylvania law firm as soon as possible to get help with your case. 

Note: We utilize outside sources when creating this post. We have not independently verified all of the facts surrounding this incident. If you locate any information that is not correct, please contact our firm so that we can update the post with the most accurate information available. 

Disclaimer: This blog is not a solicitation for business. None of the information in this post is intended to be medical advice. If you are injured in an accident, seek medical attention immediately. The information in this post is not legal advice. The photo used in this post is not from the accident scene described in this blog post. 

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